Meet our team


Brian Willoughby, C.E.O

A businessman with more than forty years experience dealing with customers, staff, officialdom and other children. It's Brian's passion to build a company that strives for excellence and a reputation for fair dealing that has built the company's culture.

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Troy Leonard, Operations Manager

Troy's reputation as a tradesman machinist is without parallel in New Zealand. His deep and practical understanding of engineering, his problem solving ability and his skills in training others has built the company's reputation for finding ways to do the things our competitors said couldn't be done.

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Chris Blatchford, Workshop Manager

Chris's experience across a range of different engineering companies brings us a combination of trades skills, understanding of the need for good organisation, structure and experience with strict compliance regimes. Chris has particular skills in people management and knows how to get the best out of a team.

Aaron Haines, Procurement

Aaron is our go-to guy whenever we have a systems problem or need to stop thinking like engineers and think like the customer. Years of experience assembling products have given Aaron great insight into designing ways to make your assemblies go together simply and reliably.

Marilou, Anodising Plant Supervisor

With a working history in fabrics and dye controls in the Philippines, Fiji and New Zealand, M'lou controls our anodising operation and maintains the disciplines of system control that process demands. She will also brighten your day if you are lucky enough to deal with her for your anodising needs.

About Us

Contex has been producing innovative world-beating engineering solutions of the highest quality for over 30 years, and continues to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.



We specialise in anodising, machining and pre-production – our target is 'right, first time, on time, every time'.



At Contex we appreciate that industrial design and mechanical design are two distinct disciplines and we are practiced in working with customers where these disciplines have been incorporated.